The Right Tools for the Job

There’s a common saying that “you’re only as good as your tools”. Good tools can be essential to a job well done. Just think of the last time you forgot your toothbrush and had to give it a go putting toothpaste on your finger. But even great tools don’t do the work for you. I […]

Learning from Afar

If I had a Euro for every time I’ve heard someone say, “You can never really learn a language without going to a country that speaks it” I could afford a lengthy immersion class in Lisbon. I have heard this assertion literally hundreds of times. And while immersion may be ideal, it’s not as simple […]

I’m Learning Portuguese! Por quê?

As Russell Westbrook would say (if he spoke Portuguese): porque não? Now, don’t you dare @ me about why the Thunder are not going to win the NBA championship. First of all, we aren’t here to talk hoops. And second, show Westbrook some respect. I can’t think of a single answer to, “Why not?” But […]